Thursday, October 4, 2007

Where'd ya get that name?

I love dogs. I always have. As a matter of fact, I love animals. Dogs just happen to be my favorite. We came up with the name Yorkshire Yarns because I raise Yorkies. I have for 8 years. I know. It's a boring and uneventful explanation. The rumors and drama are more interesting though. You'd be surprised at how many people have walked into the shop expecting to see an English woman running the show. Sorry. Can't help ya there. :-) Or (and this one's my fav) I've had people wander in looking for dog products. If one were to visit the shop they'd see a sign similar to this:

yorkshire YARNS

Hmmmm... I wonder where folks get ideas about doggie toys and such. *scratching head*

Francesca is our dame and Maxwell sires. Generally, they have one or 2 litters a year. Right now we have a 2 month old boy who's up for grabs. Bubbah is cuuuuuuute but a bit bratty. Being an only child he understands the world to be his private and personal back yard. Like all our pups he's been given much attention by mom & dad and his at-home humans. I took his little furry booty to the shop a couple times. I found out he prefers cotton over all other fibers. Or was it because cotton was the closest play thing to the ground? (I could have killed him.) *grin*

Bubbah shares his crib with Ollie, Miko, Shaft, Kit Kat, Beetle & Sunshine, Zac, Skittles & Wilma and Tugman. That's 2 more dogs, a cat, 2 birds, 3 lizards and a turtle respectively. We've a regular wild kingdom up in here. So, while choosing a name for the yarn shop we had much to consider. Now do you understand how we came up with Yorkie Yarns? It's because "Wild Kindom Knits" just didn't work. But the rumors would have been juicy. :-)

There ya have it. The truth. Accept no substitutes. *wink*

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