Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas
Happy Hanukkah
and have a Kwazy Kwanza
from the Acord Clan!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


(Frankie the Tramp)

Good ole Frankie. She don't play. Girlfriend is
serious about building her family. So, check this out. Let's make a long story short. Max, our 4 pound stud muffin, got into a scuffle w/our 16lb mutt, Ollie. These two have lived together in harmony for years.

(Max the killer Stud Muffin)

But about a month ago Max decides
he's the imminent pack leader. Yep. He's 4 pounds of pure prowess. He decided to pick a fight with Ollie. By the end of this 10 second battle Max lost his left eye.

I was horrified when I received a frantic call at work from my daughter claiming Max's eye was hanging out of his head.
Needles to say, I was sick....just sick. Max received emergency surgery at the Lakewood Vet Hospital. (Incidently, the folks at LVH are simply THE best.)

Max came home winking....permanently. We all walked and talked gingerly around poor Max. Well, he took advantage of our sympathy and while we weren't watching....BAM!!!
Yep. Franchesca is knocked-up AGAIN!

Wanna know Tyler's response? "She gonna have a litter of one-eyed puppies."
He's all heart.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Teenagers & Grey Hair

I don't get it. Listen, I knew when the guys became teenagers things would change but this is ridiculous ! Can folks get any more dogmatic, indecisive and loving at the same time?

Often, I find myself daydreaming about yester-year when they could barely get around, needed their faces wiped and certainly couldn't talk. Things change. They have to change. I accept that.

So, here's the difficult part. I can no longer control their choices. I'm learning to take the good w/the bad. I have to admit I get beyond frustrated w/the bad stuff. I keep telling myself, "They'll see it clearly one day.....if I don't kill 'em first."

When things get hairy w/Sky I go after, well, his hair. Case in point. We decided years ago to stop fighting him about his long, curly locks. With everything we have to deal with we figure hair is looooow on the list of issues. Okay. It's all good. But PLEASE, comb that mess!

He refuses. He claims he wants dreads. Oh please. Somebody help. There's a difference between dreads and a disorganized disaster.

I'd had it. I decided to take action on his "Sampson" mop top. While Sky was asleep I cut a little piece of of hair off our dog's behind. (It's curly there.) With dog hair in hand, I woke-up Sky and showed it to him. As he struggled to focus in on my hand I said, "And more will come off if you don't comb that mess on your head!"

I didn't lie to him. I was serious. If Sky didn't comb his hair Frankie's behind would continue to become hairless. I just failed to explain the part about our dog Frankie.

The rest of the story? Sky combed his hair THAT DAY and Frankie's hunker hair grew back.

Stay tuned for Tyler tales shortly. This one's gonna kill ya.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Children aren't supposed to die before their parents.

Or so that's what we're lead to believe. Unfortunately, that's what happened a couple weeks ago with one of my very good friends. Holly's 21 year old daughter was killed in a car accident and was gone in an instant.

As Christians we believe our love ones go right into the hands of the Father after leaving this life. That understanding is what is helping Holly cope.

I attended the celebration service and was floored and awed by this mothers calming peace. Holly has accepted the harsh reality that yes, sometimes our children do die before we do. And in Holly's words, "It is well."

I'll miss Kela but I'm glad to still have her mother in my life as a wonderful example of a Christian mother who can endure the pain with the help & love of Christ.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Unplanned Pregnacy

Now, now. Calm down. I'm talking about our little dame, Francesca. Yep. Frankie gave birth to one little puppy about 10 days ago.

As a breeder it's good to give dames a break from breeding for a season or two. That was my plan when we discovered (too late) Frankie was hot to trot...again. Somehow, she & Max (our little wonder stud) hooked-up. All I remember is barely hearing Marvin Gaye playing in the back room. Sixty two days later BAM! Sergio was born.

I have to admit, it's so sweet to have a little new born around. Frankie & Serg sleep in a kennel right next to my bed. I hear the baby chirping every night dreaming of more milk & loving the fact that he's an only child. He's fat, black & happy. *sigh* Oh to be fat, black... doh!

I'll bring little boy wonder to Yorkie Yarns as soon as I think he can handle crowds. Be on the look-out for him & watch your step.

***The puppy pictured above is Sergio's 2 year old brother. They's a spitting image of one another. :-)