Monday, February 4, 2008

Unplanned Pregnacy

Now, now. Calm down. I'm talking about our little dame, Francesca. Yep. Frankie gave birth to one little puppy about 10 days ago.

As a breeder it's good to give dames a break from breeding for a season or two. That was my plan when we discovered (too late) Frankie was hot to trot...again. Somehow, she & Max (our little wonder stud) hooked-up. All I remember is barely hearing Marvin Gaye playing in the back room. Sixty two days later BAM! Sergio was born.

I have to admit, it's so sweet to have a little new born around. Frankie & Serg sleep in a kennel right next to my bed. I hear the baby chirping every night dreaming of more milk & loving the fact that he's an only child. He's fat, black & happy. *sigh* Oh to be fat, black... doh!

I'll bring little boy wonder to Yorkie Yarns as soon as I think he can handle crowds. Be on the look-out for him & watch your step.

***The puppy pictured above is Sergio's 2 year old brother. They's a spitting image of one another. :-)