Tuesday, July 22, 2008


(Frankie the Tramp)

Good ole Frankie. She don't play. Girlfriend is
serious about building her family. So, check this out. Let's make a long story short. Max, our 4 pound stud muffin, got into a scuffle w/our 16lb mutt, Ollie. These two have lived together in harmony for years.

(Max the killer Stud Muffin)

But about a month ago Max decides
he's the imminent pack leader. Yep. He's 4 pounds of pure prowess. He decided to pick a fight with Ollie. By the end of this 10 second battle Max lost his left eye.

I was horrified when I received a frantic call at work from my daughter claiming Max's eye was hanging out of his head.
Needles to say, I was sick....just sick. Max received emergency surgery at the Lakewood Vet Hospital. (Incidently, the folks at LVH are simply THE best.)

Max came home winking....permanently. We all walked and talked gingerly around poor Max. Well, he took advantage of our sympathy and while we weren't watching....BAM!!!
Yep. Franchesca is knocked-up AGAIN!

Wanna know Tyler's response? "She gonna have a litter of one-eyed puppies."
He's all heart.

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